The Garden 2012

Also over the Memorial Day weekend, we I picked out our plants for our container garden for this year’s growing season!  I enjoyed my little container garden last year so much, that I was really looking forward to doing it again this year!  I picked a few different things this year:

Here are, on the left and right, some green leaf lettuces and impatients (for color…dunno how that combo will work!)  In the center is my tomato plant, and a large strawberry plant that somehow survived from last summer!!  Who knew strawberries were so tenacious?  Just another reason to love ’em.

A close up of the lettuces.  I read that the more you pick the lettuce, the more lettuce it will produce…is that true?  Anyone know about growing lettuce when to pick?

Here are the first of the peppers: Inferno Peppers.  The name is forboding, but I was assured that they are delicious (mildly) hot italian peppers.  I grew sweet banana peppers last year, so this should be interesting!

Here are my tiny jalapeno plants.  I love, love, LOVE jalapeno peppers!!  I love them in lots and lots of dishes- and I am hoping for a large crop this year!  After all, I’ve got salsa, guacamole, poppers, and fajitas to make!

This is another pot of flowers: petunias across the bottom (they always remind me of my grandma on my mom’s side), and some other flower at the top- I can’t remember what that one is!  Eventually, I think this pot will have to be a house plant, because that plant at the top does well in moderate amounts of light, and the pot itself is ceramic and made with no hole on the bottom for drainage.  I may have to do some transplanting; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a petunia indoors.  Lol.  Obviously, I have a lot to learn about gardening, but this is the fun part- the learning!

Any thoughts/advice?  I think we may also join another CSA this year- it was a lot of fun last year 🙂

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