The Fountain of Youth

Who doesn’t want to look younger/live longer?  Sound like an infomercial?  It’s not- this is a great article:  Fountain of Youth: Exercise.

Basically, exercising regularly is great not only for your heart and waistline (which are directly related, by the way), it also wards off gray hairs, loss of brain mass (and potentially dementia), and other benefits outlined in the article.  I am inspired to continue working out  🙂  Since Chris will be starting a job soon, we might actually be able to afford a gym membership; I would love to start going to classes in the mornings & maybe meet some friends that way.  It’s a little sad to work out alone, although I do it every weekday.  The gym we want to join is actually the most beautiful gym I have ever seen, and it’s even got a spa in it.  It has 3 indoor swimming pools, separate male/female whirlpools, steam rooms, and saunas, every type of “court” that readily comes to mind, a zen garden, and a cafe with internet.  Membership was free as students, but not anymore.  It’s $120 a month for the both of us, hence, we’re waiting.  But not too much longer now!  😉

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