A New Month…finally!

Finally, it’s a new month, and I feel 100% better!  I’m on a different rotation now- I’m on internal medicine!  It’s much better, and even though I have to work every weekend this month, I don’t even mind so much- I’m just so glad to be on something different!

We celebrated my birthday!  On Saturday, we went to Pittsburgh for the day & went out to dinner at Salt of the Earth, where I had the roasted chicken & farro (amazing).  The chicken was served with crispy Proscuitto, and the farro tasted almost like a stuffing.  Yum!  It also included something I’ve never heard of before…quince.  I need to find out what it was- cuz it was good!  Then, Chris surprised me by taking me to Dave & Andy’s, the best ice cream shop in Pittsburgh, where I enjoyed Reverse Chip fro-yo!  It was divinely fudgy fro-yo with white chocolate chips (hence, the name), and it was absolutely the best fro-yo I’ve ever had.  I was so inspired, I made some homemade fro-yo, too!  (I’ll keep you posted when I try it.)  Then, we went to the Lady Gaga concert in Pittsburgh on Saturday & had the most fun- although, we may have been some of the oldest fans there (the kids’ parents don’t count).  Lady Gaga wasn’t the only one with innovative & edgy costumes- a majority of her (young) fans also came dressed like her, complete with the platinum blond wigs!  We had floor tickets, which was a cool experience, but we had to wait an hour and a half for her to start her show, which was a bummer since we couldn’t sit down.  It was a great time, though, and I felt super young again as I am starting to creep my way towards 30…let’s forget I said that.

To celebrate last night, I went out with some friends from work for wine & food, and when I got home, Chris and I shared a mini birthday cake- it was a whole grain chocolate brownie cake (Sonoma friendly), with a peanut butter buttercream frosting (not Sonoma friendly).  But hey, it’s my birthday.  I have gained back 2 pounds from this indulgent weekend, but I am back on the diet today, and back to making progress.

Speaking of progress…Chris & I have been on the SD for 2 months now!  Before the birthday celebration, I had lost 13 pounds, and now I’m at 11 pounds.  I’m proud of my progress, and I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying my birthday, since I’m back to the SD today (although it is tempting to feel guilty).  I can hardly believe it’s been 2 months- and we are still doing really well!  It was not a big deal to go back to no sugar, even after my birthday weekend, which I’ve never been able to say before.  Usually after a weekend of indulgence, my diet would be over.  But, since I don’t feel like I am “dieting” anyway, it was effortless to go back to my new habits!  And I have never felt stronger than I do right now- I have made some serious progress with my yoga practice since the beginning of the year!  I’ve learned about Pilates, tried new workouts, and I’m even getting an outline of abs (thanks to Jillian Michael’s Six Weeks-Six Pack Abs)!  I’m doing things I never thought I would (like getting up at 5 am to work out every AM), improved the good habits I had already formed (exercising daily), and lost some weight when it was so impossible before (it was impossible!!!)!  It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…and I’m feeling…good!

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