Shout-outs to my fave breads, crackers, cereals…

I love grocery shopping!!  I really, really love it- it’s so much fun to me!!  Apparently, that’s weird…?  Didn’t hurt that my hubby surprised me with a dozen roses sitting in the car!  🙂  I love him, so much- he’s so thoughtful, among a million other wonderful things about him.  We’ve almost been married 6 months!  <3

Anyway, back to groceries.  So, all of the Kashi crackers are awesome, and the country cheddar ones are downright craveable.  They’re just like Cheeze-Its, but they aren’t greasy (I hadn’t realized that Cheeze-Its were greasy until I ate these).  Actually, there aren’t too many Kashi products that I don’t just absolutely love!  I really like their Trail Mix granola bars, too (they carry them at work in the cafeteria!).

We’ve tried a couple of other breads, too, which were awesome.  Both are the Food For Life brand, the same brand that makes the Ezekiel bread.  We’ve tried their 7 Sprouted Grains bread, which we liked, and their Bran For Life bread, which was fabulous with a slightly nutty flavor (I think the package said it had flax in it). 

My newest favorite item we picked up was Almond Butter.  Now, I am a Peanut Butter girl- always have been, and always will be.  I eat a banana with peanut butter and a glass of milk probably 3 times a week, enjoying every second of it (is there anything more simple and delicious?).  Sometimes I will have a Peanut Butter Banana Honey Sandwich for lunch (just as awesome as it sounds, recipe below).  But, at the suggestion of my hubby, we picked up some Almond Butter.  I switched it in for the peanut butter on my banana, and it was really, really delicious!  Slightly milder than PB.  Our local grocery store grinds it fresh, too, so it has no added fat, sugars, or salt.  That said, I was super hesitant to buy it.  I had a bad experience with some almond and cashew butter I’ve had before…so maybe this is a brand specific thing? 

PB, Banana, and Honey Sandwiches
2 slices of bread
1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter
1 banana, sliced lengthwise and then in half
honey, to drizzle

Spread the peanut butter on one side of both slices of bread.  Line the banana slices on top of one slice of bread, then drizzle honey.  Top with 2nd slice of bread.  Toast in toaster oven or conventional oven for 10 minutes, or until bread is toasted!

*This is awesome if you have tons of green bananas; the heating in the oven will ripen them.  It’s probably also good with almond butter, but I haven’t gone there yet!  🙂

Also, the Today Show featured a similar banana ice cream recipe as I had written about just a couple of days ago!  The link has some other amazing looking recipes, too…and super kid friendly.  No, I don’t have kids.  But I have one husband.  Almost the same thing…no?  😉  No, but seriously, all 3 recipes look awesome!  Besides the banana ice cream, there are recipes for Meatloaf Cupcakes & PB and Strawberry “Sushi”.  I am gonna make ALL of them!!!
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  1. We haven't done peanut butter with Oliver yet…the new recommendation is to wait til two now. Almost there!

    And yes, one husband does equal one child. Possibly two. ;o)

    I don't know if you can get Rudi's bread on the east coast because it's made in Colorado, but we LOVE the seven grain with flax bread! Levi said, "I like it because it has nuts and crap in it. It should say that on the package…this has nuts and crap in it." Note that he doesn't mean actual crap. Ha! But we do like the little nutty crunchies in them. Levi eats a slice PLAIN with fruit for breakfast sometimes. No butter! No jelly! No jam! I was shocked.

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