Match Day

Woof- some Valentine’s Day!  My hubby didn’t match into his program, and I had to go talk to my program director about the incident from Friday.  It’s been a nerve-wracking day.  I picked up chocolate covered grapes for him, and then took him to his favorite hamburger joint (since he’s wave 3, he can have it, the stinker), hoping it would lift spirits.  I gave him some manly pampering, too- haircut, man-icure, and massage, hoping he would feel like a new person afterward.  Unfortunately, it’s just been actually really terrible.

So now what, for hubby, in terms of matching into a hospital to work next year?  He has to “scramble” for whatever spots are leftover.  There are some (not awesome) local options, like an intern year (just the first post-graduate year-he’d have to re-apply all over again next year) and a family practice residency (which is not exactly what he’d hoped for).  There is one other option, an Internal Medicine-Emergency Medicine super-residency (it’s a 5 year combined residency), but it’s in Cleveland, OH.  It’s his best option, but it means us not being in the same city or state for 3 years (!!!), until I finish my residency, and then my moving to Cleveland for the 2 remaining years of his residency.  Not ideal, but there is no way I would ever tell him not to follow his dream.  So he’s re-applied for all of the above, and we’re supposed to find out the end of this week/early next week.  This will be a very nervous and anxious week, no doubt.  We are in need of so many prayers.

4 thoughts on “Match Day”

  1. You are both in my prayers also! I know from experience that every time a job opportunity we wanted did not come to fruition, it was because God had something better in mind for us. He has the perfect plan for both of you too!

  2. God has His reasons — remember, He has plans for us. They are not always what we thought we wanted, but what we needed. Prayers for both of you. Vicki

  3. I love having smart, supportive ladies like all of you in my life!! Those are words I needed to hear! Thank you so much, for all of the prayers and support- love you ladies!!

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