Let’s just not and say we did….

Boy, I called it.  I knew today was gonna be rough after such a blissful weekend.  Family issues.  Gross.

Instead of re-living it all over again (and airing it all on the interwebs), I am just gonna change the subject of my whole day.  Let’s talk about my favorite subject: food!! We made it to day 10, the last day of Wave 1!!!  I can have a glass of wine tomorrow- and believe me, I am soooo ready for it!!!  Today was such a hard day- and it left me craving ice cream, cookies, cake, you name it.  I think this officially makes me an emotional eater.  Right now I could really go for some blackberry cheesecake…with ice cream.  Too much?  I am supposed to put money back into savings every time I crave something…this is gonna be an expensive day.  I know the book says all cravings will pass, and every time I crave sweets, I know it’s really because I am thirsty.  OK, I punched the pig, now it’s time for some green tea.  And then an early bedtime, for once.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s just not and say we did….”

  1. I think that the turning your cravings into savings might be the best idea about this diet (you know, and all that healthy stuff you were talking about, lol!)

    I didn't realize that you were doing this diet when I was taunting you with all my pregnancy induced sweets earlier tonight!! Sorry dear! lol

    Is the green tea just for warms and yummies, or the antioxidants, too?

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