I thought of the most hilarious memory today, and it happens to be one of my more embarrassing moments, too.  As a first year med student, the Women’s Health Club was holding a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness, and they made sweatshirts that said, “Support My Rack.”  They emailed this info out to the whole school, in hopes of raising sales from the student body.  I was torn between these sweatshirts being hilarious but also kinda tacky & tasteless…so I sent an e-mail to my friends to get their opinions on the shirts.  I wrote, “I’m not sure how I feel about these support my rack shirts.”  Except, instead of composing a new e-mail, I simply hit “Reply All,” and sent it.  I hadn’t realized that I had voiced my uncertainty to the entire school, until I started getting replies back from people I didn’t think I sent the e-mail to…and then from people I didn’t know…and then a member of the faculty.  Ugh.  SO embarrassed.  The boyfriend of the girl who sent the shirt sale email even made sure to e-mail me, too, and asked me what I had against breast cancer.  Geez!  Nothing!  I wrote an apology to the girl selling the shirts, who, once she heard it was totally an accident, was so sweet about it (thank you, sweet baby Jesus!).  I could have DIED.  Seriously- we were, like, 6 weeks into med school, and already everyone knew my name, but not exactly for the reasons I would have liked!  It’s one of my most embarrassing moments!!

I found out later from one of my friends the club had a sizeable increase in sales after that incident, so I guess all’s well that ends well!  I thought of this story today- and I actually laughed physically out loud while in the library…oops, again!  Oh, well…laughing is the best medicine, anyway.  <3

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  1. LOL…I would be so mortified! But I'm with you, some of the slogans are cutesy, but kind of inappropriate. I would never wear a sweatshirt that said, "Feel your boobies!"

    Though I might sport "Save the Jugs". =D

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