Cake Tasting

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To prepare for the upcoming Let Them Eat Cake event, I held a preliminary cake tasting at my house with 2 different recipes of cake and 3 different recipes of frostings.  I actually was very surprised at the turn out; several of Chris’ friends seemed to really enjoy the tasting!  Several took a scientific approach, trying each frosting with each cake and noting their impressions.  Here’s what the scene looked like:

I had baked a layer of each type of cake and cut it into 1 x 1″ squares for ease of tasting.  You’ll just have to wait until after the cake competition to see what the flavors were and what my secret ingredient was!  šŸ˜‰

I promise, you’re not expecting this.  But it’s pretty delicious, or at least that’s what my guests told me at the tasting!  Since there are 2 different categories of cakes I must bake for (one is for taste, and one is for decoration), I have a busy week ahead to prepare.

This week, I’m going to bake a practice run of the full “taste” category cake and frost it, and I’m gonna give it to one of my co-workers!  I’ve also got to start on some of the elements (like royal icing decorative elements) of my “decorated” category cake…the theme of which will be revealed, all in good time.

I can’t believe the cake competition is just 2 weeks away!!  I am so excited- I’ve never participated in anything like it before!  Wish me luck šŸ˜‰

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  1. Vicki Lawrence says:

    Good luck, Lauren. It sounds like a lot of fun & work. Good luck to our multi-talented girl! Love you both!

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