6 miles

Sunday after we arrived home from the cake competition, I needed to run my 6 mile long run.  Still training for this half marathon (who thought that was a good idea?!).  This last run was the most challenging, because it had gotten too dark to run out at the park alone, and my gym was closed.  So, I implemented Plan C- run at home outside.  What I did not forsee is that all of those “gentle” hills around my home become large, tortuous hills suddenly when jogging.  Somehow, it was a mostly uphill course- and it was murder on my ankles.  I only lasted 3 miles like that- then I retired to our little (terrible) gym in our apartment complex. I did think it was going to be more comfortable; and, I guess, without the hills, perhaps it was to some degree.  However, there was no air coniditioning in that house, and the fans weren’t turning on!!  It was quite literally STIFLING.  I did complete the other 3 miles like that, but between the heat and the hills, it was my toughest run yet!  Woof!!

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