3 Weeks- Day 21

We made it 3 weeks on the SD as of today- when did that happen???  We went grocery shopping today, and discovered we were picking up our new “regular” items, like sprouted wheat bread, Kashi crackers & cereals, 3 different types of salads (we couldn’t get through 1 in a week before), 18 eggs in a week, lots and lots of tomatoes.  We found ourselves buying canned diced tomatoes and fresh tomatoes in bulk at Sam’s, we eat so many tomatoes.  This is just short of a small miracle; if you know Chris, you know that he hated tomatoes before.  But if you find a ripe, fresh, delicious tomato with a little salt & pepper- he goes to town.  And somehow all of this has happened over the last 3 weeks, almost seamlessly.  We have found some wonderful things we love to eat that are so much healthier!  And somehow, we’ve managed to lose weight & keep it off (update on that front tomorrow)! 

In the next week, we will have actually finished all of the Sonoma Diet meal plans provided in the SD book, so we have created some meal plans for next week that are based on Wave 2 rules.  We’ll see how it goes- they’re all still SD recipes, so that gives me a little more confidence.  I’m not sure if I’ve quite got the knack of cooking for the SD without some recipes and guidlines, so I’m gonna stick to those for now.  We did also order the Sonoma Diet Cookbook- the old one.  A new version is coming out in May, but that’s 4 months from now – and we’re gonna need some variety.  It should be here next week- and then lots of new recipes will be at our disposal!

We opened a new bottle of wine tonight, a Petit Syrah, called Petite Petit.  It was a find from our last trip to California, in Lodi, where we went to our friends’ wedding.  Besides being wonderfully sunny, Lodi has a few good wineries (also far less populated than the more popular and world renowned Napa Valley).  One of which, is Michael David.  They have a lovely farmhouse style storefront which also has a cafe inside, serving only locally grown foods, grown in sustainable agriculture standards- fabulous!  The orange juice was still, today, the best orange juice either of us has ever had.  Anyway, Michael David Wineries sells many lovely wines (especially the Zinfandels from that region are really lovely), and the wine we drank this evening, Petite Petit, is from that trip out to Michael David Vineyards.  It reminded me of those beautiful warm, sunny days in California with the wind in my hair.  We freshly graduated from Med School but before Residency started- that blissful time where my classmates & I were totally stress-free for a small, but needed, amount of time.  Those were the days.  It’s memories like those that keep me warm while we get another foot of snow.  Or maybe that’s the wine!  😉

5 thoughts on “3 Weeks- Day 21”

  1. Hmmmm,we will have to try some of the wines from Michael David if we can get our hands on some. That's since we have a Michael David living here, lol! He will be here for a few more days though, he closes on his house Wednesday. 🙂

  2. I didn't know Mike was buying a house! Tell him congrats!

    I am so proud of you guys for making it three weeks! Another week and you get another prize, no? A hair salon appointment for you, I believe?

  3. KK- I have thought about joining the website- do you like it so far?

    Aunt Janet- I can't believe Mike is buying a house! That's big news- congrats!!! Y'all should definitely try the wine, especially with a Michael David in the house!

    Lisa- Since we were in Pittsburgh this weekend, I just made the hair appt a week early, for yesterday! I guess I am assuming we'll make it another week- but since we've already bought the groceries, might was well eat it! 😉

  4. I love the website! It creates your meal plans and then puts together your shopping list so you just print and run! There's a message board that has helped answer some of my questions and there are so many recipes. I just got the book a few days ago and am enjoying reading it, it helps to explain things.

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