We are Farmers!!!

Yay!!! We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group today!!!  My mom was actually the inspiration- they joined a CSA in Colorado a couple of years ago, and it was this magical thing where they had veggies straight from the farm delivered weekly!  We were visiting one fall, and my hubby and I went with mom to pick up her veggies.  Mom and I cooked dinner together that night, and we were amazed at how different- how delicious & flavorful- they were compared to grocery store veggies. 

So, our CSA here works in much the same way.  We found one with a delivery point within walking distance of our house (there were only 2 in this area anyway), and the way it works is that we pay like $300 for 16-20 weeks of fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, and pecans once a week.  We did the math (‘cuz we’re nerds) and it worked out to be about $20 a week for the veggies- and I know we’re spending way more than that now at the grocery store.  Plus, they are grown naturally and without pesticides, and we’re supporting local farmers & sustainability!  Love it! 

Here’s how I found it, and how you can find one, too!
Local Harvest
Eat Well
Both links will also find local farmer’s markets, restaurants, organic grocers, and CSA’s…they are so much fun to peruse!  I found another farm nearby that sells grass-fed beef- so I may need to check that out, too!  🙂

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