True Friends

On Sunday afternoon while my kids nap, I take a few moments to look at my week ahead.  I already know I’m going to be grateful to get to Friday- and it’s still Sunday afternoon.  In fact, I can get so wrapped up in the upcoming week, that I forget to enjoy the here and now.  I still have several more hours of weekend time, but my mind is already jumping ahead to Monday.

Friday is a big day; hubby and I are supposed to hear some rather large news on Friday (could be good or bad).  If you pray, please pray for this news on Friday (or rather, our acceptance of whatever the news is).  I’m shaking in my boots, and I don’t consider myself generally easily ruffled (unless it’s a scary movie).

I am thankful to have friends and family, and I try to distract myself by thinking of a recent (fabulous) trip to Texas to see my BFF.  I hadn’t been back to Texas in years, and it was wonderful and therapeutic to see her.  We enjoyed shopping, eating, drinking, and all kinds of girly fun- which I don’t usually get with my house full of boys.  I didn’t realize how much I’d missed her- and also that side of myself.  I need to find more of myself in my day to day.

Thinking about my days, though- I realize that very little of my day is actually mine.  From the moment I wake up, to getting to work, to getting home and doing the dinner/bath/bedtime routine, and working in exercise and hubby time…there is nothing left over for me.  Not only that- but there is the paradox of the working parent: viewed as lazy at work (usually because of having to leave at a certain time to pick up kids/family duties), and viewed as a sub-par parent (the guilt of being away from your kids all day).  The working parent can not win this paradox- and I’ve seen and felt both sides.  My hubby feels this paradox, too- it is not even reserved just for women.  All of this can leave someone feeling very…lost.

I guarantee it is happening to a working parent you know, if you aren’t already that working parent.  This is where our friends come in- our tribe- to put a stop to the madness.  They are little mini-vacations in every text, call, or hug.  A reminder that we are loved, noticed, cherished.

To all of my true friends- thank you.  From the bottom of my heart. My next goal is to make myself my own true friend, too.

Some people make   Your laugh a little louder   Your smile a little brighter   And your life a little better


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