I am the most relaxed I’ve been in months, maybe years.  I’m on Neuroradiology this month, and I don’t have to round on patients early in the morning, I don’t have to keep a thousand tiny details of each patient in my head simultaneously, I don’t have to take even half as much call, and I have lots of time off.  In fact, soon, Handsome & I are going to the Dominican Republic for a week or so, and I cannot wait.  I’m sure that the reason behind my recent frequent brain farts (as discussed in my last post) is that I am overworked and exhausted.  I am finally able to catch up a little bit on my sleep.  Finally.  Ahhh.

Never truly being able to completely relax 100%, I am now completely concerned that there could be a hurricane or two while we’re in the Carribbean.  What terrible luck!!  Even if there is one, I’m sure we’d be fine, but hopefully it won’t happen…??  That would very much put a damper on our hard-earned vacation/conference.  Didn’t I mention it’s a conference?  His residency program is hosting a series of conferences there, and they’ve required him to go.  And he’s required me to go (darn).  So we are going to listen to some lectures in the morning, and enjoy the beaches and pools in the afternoon and evening.  Hopefully.  I’m so nervous about the weather, I could talk myself out of being excited about the whole trip!

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