Through the eyes of your best friend

How do you talk to yourself?  Do you speak to yourself like you would speak to your best friend, or are you harsh to yourself?  Do you ever think to yourself, “I can’t do it,” and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy?  How do you respond when someone gives you a compliment?  Have you ever talked yourself out of a good opportunity? I think we all get stuck in this rut occasionally (sometimes more than occasionally). 

I think some of it is cultural: here in the US, when someone compliments us, such as an outfit, it seems customary to say, “Oh this old thing?  I have had it for years!” However, people in other countries do not do this.  They simply say, “Thank you.”

The first time I encountered this, I thought it was simple and sweet when someone responded with a simple thank you.  I pondered it, though, and realized what she did was much more powerful and meaningful than just a show of appreciation.  She allowed herself to accept a compliment, and in doing so, she encouraged some positive self-talk.

Allow yourself to accept some compliments, and see yourself through the eyes of your best friend. If you wouldn’t dare talk to your BFF like that, why treat yourself like that?  In the end, the only person you’ll end up hurting is yourself.

Be kind to yourself; be kind to others.


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