The Blackwell Boutique

When I wrote last week about the “best laid plans,” I didn’t realize what a week I was in for.  Hours after publishing my post, my grandma passed away- and all those plans from this week turned on their head.  Of those plans, I had planned to make a big reveal today.  Today was THE day- the first anniversary of the Women’s March, which I’d chosen purposefully for my reveal. I realize there were some politics at the March that everyone did not agree with, but in the unifying spirit of furthering our female-positive cause, this felt like the right day for my female-positive next move.

However, being that I am still out of pocket for a few days, that agenda is moving slower than I’d planned.  Honestly, it’s good- I have been healing and bonding with family during a sad time- much needed.  This week felt so busy, so crazy- like I was being pulled in 500 directions at once- and it is disorienting to lose such a foundational family member.

I toyed with postponing this next step, but that didn’t seem right. I don’t have everything as I’d perfectly planned- but I think that’s ok.

Today, I am launching The Blackwell Boutique- an Etsy shop.  Each item is crafted with you all in mind- how to inspire and seek self-acceptance, self-worth, true happiness, loyalty with each other and ourselves, and restfulness.  I don’t have pictures of every product with me while travelling, but here’s a little teaser:

The Shattered Glass Ceiling Set

It comes in brown, green, and clear glass.  Each purchase includes a wallet card with an inspiring quote, to have with you wherever you go.

Many other jewelry sets will be listed, in addition to my own line of natural/organic skin care and beauty, when I return home.  In the meantime, you are free to check out the limited pics I currently have at:

and I will update here when I post more, or feel free to check back!


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