Something to be thankful for at 12 weeks

12 weeks down, one more week in my first trimester! I gotta be honest, I will be excited to (hopefully) see this morning sickness go bye-bye.  All in all, this week was a little bit easier, but of course, naturally today would be the toughest! Here’s my week 12 picture, no chalkboard because I am not at home, and you’ll have to forgive the pic- I was already in my jammies with no makeup, lol! There’s quite a lot I find humbling in this process (not the least of which is my leopard print pajamas that the whole world will now see, or my super white belly! ).

We’re growing! Honestly, I’m getting impatient to find out if its a girl or boy, which isn’t until week 20, by the way. So I need to learn some patience.

This week also held Thanksgiving Day, in which Hubby drove down to spend our holiday with some wonderful friends (who are more like family).  I managed to bake for the event, which I will post later this week, hopefully.  I have lots to be thankful for, and though life isn’t perfect, He has blessed me so.  For example, at the end of this week, I will live in my house with my Hubby again! and thats just one example. i am so thankful for the family and friends that have kept us in their thoughts and prayers; it honestly makes a difference!  Outside of my own life, my extended family was in for a surprise, as my cousin went into labor on Thanksgiving day and gave birth to a beautiful girl! She came a few weeks early, so I think everyone was surprised, but she is healthy and happy, what an incredible Thanksgiving miracle! Many prayers and blessings to the new family!

This week’s stats:

Food cravings/ aversions: I still cannot stand onions and garlic. And coffee. And there is something truly heinous in the fridge that threatens to undo me every time I open it.  And this kid craves French fries in a way that I have never, ever wanted French fries.  Especially the waffle cut ones.

Baby is as big as: a peach! Already!

I am most thankful for: my family, both biological and “adopted”

Most excited for: not being morning sick anymore

Most nervous about: telling my boss and co-workers that I am pregnant!

My favorite part of this stage of pregnancy: two-way tie between eating lots of cream cheese (it’s never tasted so good before!) and being able to sleep…a lot (perk of being so tired!)

Until next time…I’ll be sleeping 😉

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