Polar Vortex II

This has been the week of natural and unnatural disasters!!  Last Sunday, we started our second “Polar Vortex, which kicked off with a round of ice.  After all that ice, I saw one of my friends in the ER after a roll-over car accident, where she was very, very lucky to be alive!  Every single day, both to and from work, there was at least one multiple-car pile up on the side of the road.  There was a brush fire on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Chris almost had his own car accident, when he hit a patch of ice and temporarily lost control of his car (and it’s a big 4 wheel SUV!), but (thank goodness) he did not have an accident (but it was a wake up call).  On Thursday, my best friend survived a massive fire in Texas, and still has a home (thank heavens!).  What on earth is going on???!

Outside of that, Baby G is doing pretty well; although he was getting a little too used to us coming upstairs to rock him back to sleep in the middle of the night.  So we tried the “cry it out” method…hardest thing in the whole world!!  I have very little self-restraint, when it comes to grabbing my baby when he is crying.  I mean, that method does work for Baby G, but it’s hard for everyone involved, I think, for him to cry for a while.  But, it was only really tough for one night, when he cried for over an hour.  Tore my heart right in half.  I grabbed a shower, and when I got out, he was asleep.  Still, tough.  He pulled himself up to standing this week!!  He is growing up soooo fast!  He wants to walk so bad.  Really, he seems to just wanna go, in any mode possible.  Lol.

The Hubbs and I are trying to learn to carve out time for each other (more difficult these days), so we try to have a little (at home) date night once a week after Baby G is asleep.  I usually cook a fancier dinner, we get dressed up, I actually wear some make up and do my hair.  It’s kind of nice to feel like “us” again, not just mommy and daddy.  Not that there is anything wrong with being mommy and daddy, I just feel it’s important for us to cultivate the relationship we had before Baby G was born!

We are both getting really excited for what’s just around the corner: our big move!!  We are looking at houses online, but neither one of us knows anything about the process of buying a home.  It’s lots of fun to shop, though!  We are probably gonna wanna do a little fixing up to whatever home we end up with, to make it ours, so we’re trying to look past the paint and carpet, etc, to the hidden potential.  Some houses definitely are harder to find the potential than others….

Meanwhile, in Erie, we’re in our second “Polar Vortex,” with lots and lots of Lake Effect snow, subzero temperatures, and biting, cold wind.  Woof!  Nothing like an Erie winter to get me super excited to move!!!  This winter has been super crazy, worse than usual!!

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