On the Horizon

This month..no, this whole year has been flying by!  I am (thankfully) almost done with my 2nd year in residency, which is wonderful, because I hear it is the most intense year.  It will be so nice to have this year behind me!  I am approaching the halfway point of my residency, and I can hardly believe it’s gone so fast/crawled by so slowly all at the same time.  For sure, I feel much more confident than I did 2 years ago or even the beginning of 2nd year, so I feel like I’ve made some important steps (jumps!) in my education!  I still have some very rough days, but beginning to feel more competent/confident at my job gives me the confidence I need to squash the (daily) issues that come up, instead of allowing them to ruin my day.  This has been a loooooong time coming.

I am looking very much forward to the next couple of months.  For one thing, it’s coming up on warmer temps and milder weather, which means getting outside, walks with the dogs, painting furniture, beach days, cookouts, and growing veggies!  Here’s what coming up for me in the next few months:

May holds the annual the “Let Them Eat Cake” baking competition in Pittsburgh, which benefits the Midwife’s Center!  Not only am I excited to attend the event again, I was honored to have been asked to enter in the competition as a baker!!!!  I actually blogged about the competition in one of my very early blog posts and had lots of pics of the pretty cakes!  I have never even thought about entering a baking competition, but I am super excited about not only baking for lots of people, but also supporting an excellent cause!  I have no delusions of winning any contests, but I am just pumped to have been asked!  If you live in Pittsburgh, I’ll see ya there 😉

June will hold a much much MUCH needed vacation; I think we are going to try to get back out to Napa Valley/ California for a bit of sun, surf, and wine tasting 🙂  June also holds graduations and weddings we are looking forward to attending!

For July, I have decided to enter a half marathon here in my city!  I am super (super) nervous about this, since I am totally not a runner…whatsover.  I walk; I’m a walker.  However- I was inspired by the Turkey Trot 5K my mom and I completed at Thanksgiving, and I am ambivalent about running that far, but also completely excited about finishing and completing a half.  Anyone ever done a run before??  I am open to and need advice!

So, lots of good updates coming in the future….and it’s about time.  It has been a very rough couple of years.  Here’s to looking forward to the future, but living in the moment! 🙂

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