Long Run # 2

I finished my second long run in training- the 5 mile long run.  It was, well,…long.  I did get music to run with, thank goodness!  Running any distance is much easier when you have something to do.  I am not nearly as exhausted this time as I was last week, so I’m definitely seeing progress!!  I CAN run!!  Who knew?!

Aside from this news, a few things are up this week: Next Saturday is the cake competition!!  I can’t believe it’s already here!  I have so much preparation to do!  Not to give anything away, but today required sculpting a figure out of rice krispie treats, which is surprisingly very easy!  Pics to come, as usual.  I still have fondant to make and homemade cotton candy!  😉

We went to an antiques dealer with some friends today, as well- he found a rocking chair that matches the red velvet chair I posted about earlier (the one I painted the wood white!)  I did purchase it- and it is, by far, the most comfortable and beautiful rocking chair I’ve ever seen!  I’m going to paint the wood to match it, and then I’ll have a beautiful collection!  🙂

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