Labor Day Post

I can’t believe summer is over so soon!!  It feels like it’s too soon- the leaves have started changing already, and we’ve already had some of those crisp autumn days.  Normally, fall is my favorite time of year, but this year, I am just dreading the winter so much that any step in the “cooler” direction has me completely bummed.

This summer was so busy!  I entered the cake competition in May, went to Napa/San Fran in June, ran a half marathon in July, and went to Vegas in the middle of August!  On top of all of that, Mr. Handsome & I have completed several major projects around the house.  For example:
1) He has a man cave that doubles as our office (and you can actually walk into it)
2) We have 2 completed guest bedrooms upstairs and a full guest bathroom
3) A crafting/sewing space for me in one of the guest bedrooms!
With all of that going on, I guess it’s easy to see how the time slipped away so quickly!  I will say, I was very disappointed in my container garden this year.  I only got 5 small tomatoes, no strawberries, 10 or so peppers, and no edible lettuce.  I guess there’s always next summer…bummer!

So, a last summer-y dessert to celebrate the last true day of summer:

…Berries and Cream!!  It’s as easy as that..summer’s freshest raspberries and blueberries covered in light, whippy, fabulous homemade whipped cream!  And a ladyfinger, for good measure.  😉

I suppose you can also see my fall tablecloth here, in this pumpkin-y color.  I will have to post about my fall tablescape later, lol.  Lots and Lots and LOTS more posts to come on pumpkin treats this fall…boy, do I love pumpkin!  So, there is that to look forward to! 😉

So long, summer…it was amazing and too short!  Welcome fall…let’s see what adventures await us this fall!

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