Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, and I want to make an Earth Day Cake…but, I ended up just making a Coconut Cake for Easter Sunday (since I’m on call tomorrow…boo…).  I’m gonna post about that cake on Sunday, after we taste it!  Sadly, it was icky and rainy all day today, so I couldn’t even go outside to enjoy the earth on this Earth Day.  I did, however make some Earth conscious purchases and put them into effect today!! I have been looking forward to Earth Day all month long!!!

Here’s what I bought (and why!):

1.  BPA-free OXO tupperware- BPA has been shown to have many perilous health effects, and after I took stock of my tupperware cabinet, I became acutely aware of two realizations: first, I have really crappy tupperware.  It’s all the cheap stuff in from the grocery store, and it’s like, melted, on the sides.  Second, none of it states that it is BPA free!  (So it could have melted some BPA right into my food!!!  Not ok!)  The OXO tupperware is much more substantial that the other stuff, it is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, and clearly states contains no BPA.  Also, it was on clearance at Marshalls.  Win!  Side note: the other tupperware was recyclable, so it got recycled instead of thrown away.  Second win.

2. Ceramic Non-Stick Skillets- The non-stick coating is ceramic, so it’s not carcinogenic like the non-ceramic non-stick skillets.  I had one non-stick skillet, and it was supposed to be safer, but it wasn’t actually non-stick at all. Everything, and I mean everything, stuck.  We’ll have to see how this one does!

3.  Organic Meats- I’ve found a farm about 30 minutes away that sells local grass-fed organic pastured chicken, beef, and pork!  We’re considering purchasing and freezing a lot- the only real issue is the freezer space (I do have an extra fridge in the garage, but who know if that’s enough?).  The cows have only been fed grass and hay from raising to finishing, the chickens are free range, and the even the pigs are given plenty of pasture to roam.  Of course, they haven’t been given any antibiotics or hormones, either. 

4.  Nature’s Gate Shampoo & Conditioner- it’s both paraben and sulfate free!  We picked up the pomegranate flavor, and the scent is heavenly.  It leaves your hair well hydrated and squeaky clean!

In addition to these purchases, my hubby and I just started recycling this week!  It’s not very convenient in PA to recycle; in fact, the laws for recycling in this state make you go way way out of your way to recycle.  At our apartment, however, we have separate receptacles for trash and recyclables.  We’ve cut our trash production by more than half, and even most of that is compostable.  I have no idea how to compost in an apartment.  But I would like to!  In the course of the last week, we’ve become a much greener household, and I really love it!  Green is the new Pink!

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