Albero Della Vita!

We went out to dinner tonight, and we haven’t been out to dinner in over a month!  It was so good to get out of the house and do something different!  Chris didn’t really stick to the SD, but he’s long been on Wave 3 and, after being 7 pounds under his goal weight, deserved a treat.  I, being on Wave 2, didn’t waver.  I had a salad (dressing on the side), grilled swordfish, and broccolini & fennel.  It was delicious!  I had a glass of delicious wine, but I don’t remember the name (that happens when I don’t see a bottle.  It’s like trying to remember someone’s name without actually seeing his/her face, I think).  My meal came with a fried risotto cake, of which I ate a small, small bite.  And regretted it, instantly.  I actually, embarrassingly enough, am really picky about risotto.  I am not picky about very many foods, but I am so particular about risotto.  A friend of mine taught me how to make authentic risotto last year, and that was it.  Spoiled.  Forever.  But this risotto cake was just not for me, plus it was fried, so I was relieved when I didn’t like it.  Chris, however, loved it & ate the whole thing!  We figured he could splurge this once.

I finished my painting today, too.  I like it, but I wish I had the perfect spot in my house for it.  Here’s the finished product:

 It says “Albero della vita,” across the bottom in Italian, which means “Tree of Life.”  The tree in the painting is the Olive Tree, which is of course also the Tree of Knowledge.  A good tree to like.  🙂

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