The Blackwell Legacy Story

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The Blackwell Legacy is about lifestyle.

When I founded my first blog, I was a wife and resident.  I looked down one day at my shoes, which were (gulp) crocs. My highlights had grown out, I had no makeup on, and I was grumpy.  Inside, I knew I was a writer, designer, crafter, baker, and physician- but if I wanted to be a physician, I had to deny my femininity.  I was told not to get pregnant, not to read about “lip gloss,” wear heels, or pump breastmilk for my baby. Anything related to femininity was looked down upon.  I don’t blame my male colleagues- the very masculine culture of medicine is so pervasive, I doubt they were even aware they had created an unwelcoming atmosphere.

After graduating and becoming an attending physician, I continued to “fit in” by hiding my sparkle.  After some years, I became so burned out- trying to fit my square peg self into a round hole. There were never enough hours in the day; I missed my kids and husband, and I missed myself: my femininity, creativity, and artistry.

Over time, I learned it was less important to “fit in” at work, and much more important to fit into my life and my skin.  This website is me, finding my multifaceted sparkle.  I hope you enjoy, and if even one woman who finds herself in similar (ugly) shoes feels empowered to wear those pink Jimmy Choos- I will consider this movement a success.

Let’s inspire others, let’s grow together.  Let’s show the world our true worth.


Important note: The information herein is not intended as medical advice and does not replace the personalized advice of your doctor.