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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Ready to add something back to your life that gives you joy?  Me too.  I’ve missed baking! I have been doing a low-carb diet recently, so I made a low-carb cheesecake for Thanksgiving.  Pumpkin cheesecake is one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Changing the Mindset

“True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to not build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.” -an excerpt from this article about true self-care. Now, you might be hard-pressed to find someone … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of your best friend

How do you talk to yourself?  Do you speak to yourself like you would speak to your best friend, or are you harsh to yourself?  Do you ever think to yourself, “I can’t do it,” and then it becomes a … Continue reading

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Label Makers

How do you define yourself?  Most of us define ourselves by our roles at home, careers, relationships/orientation, faith, etc- there are thousands of ways to define ourselves.  But let’s be real for a minute: they are all labels.  They may … Continue reading

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Beach musings

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