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Cherry Cheesecake and Tiger Butter

As promised, a mid-week foodie post! Last Thursday, for Thanksgiving dinner, I made and took a cherry cheesecake! It, thankfully and mercifully, smelled delicious while cooking, of cinnamon and vanilla.  Cheesecakes are hard work.  I used a basic New York … Continue reading

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Something to be thankful for at 12 weeks

12 weeks down, one more week in my first trimester! I gotta be honest, I will be excited to (hopefully) see this morning sickness go bye-bye.  All in all, this week was a little bit easier, but of course, naturally … Continue reading

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11 Weeks

As promised, here’s my first of the weekly posts! Ready?  Remember the picture of me at 4 weeks?  Here’s me at 11 weeks… See that little belly that’s beginning?  This is us, after a month and a half of morning … Continue reading

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Big News!

Can you keep a little secret?  What about a big one?  Ok, here it is… We’re pregnant!!  That’s our little Gummy Bear, above, at 8 1/2 weeks.  Isn’t he or she super cute?! We’re still asking y’all to keep it … Continue reading

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