Month: March 2012


Do you ever wish you could make time stand still?  Boy, do I.  Or at least slow it way down (when I want to), or speed it up (when I want to), or just plain go back to simpler, more innocent times?  That’s not the way life works…I guess.  I suppose it’s about the journey …

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Key Lime Pie!!!

Whew!  Got lots of cleaning done today- not an easy process!  It is kinda hard for certain husbands…who shall remain unnamed…to let things go.  So, we had to make things a little better today for all involved in the cleaning process.  We made a key lime pie…with a Biscoff crust!!! Hubby crushed up the cookies …

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The Chaise

Last weekend, I finished a huge project I had embarked on several weeks prior: re-upholstering the chaise lounge!  It was a HUMONGOUS project (I’m sorta glad it’s finished), but it was very well worth the effort!  I didn’t take any “before” pictures, unfortunately, but lots of “during” pics are available!  I bought the chaise from …

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The Keys

Last Wednesday was my birthday!  I turned 28, but because I was born on Leap Day, I have only had 7 actual birthdays!  I have received a few sweet birthday cards! Because it was one of my actual birthdays, we planned a trip to the Florida Keys!  We flew into Miami, rented a car (we …

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