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Happy Thanksgiving!

Finally, I had the opportunity to go to be with my family for just enjoyment…no funerals!  It was so relaxing, and it was just exactly what I needed to help me refocus my life a little bit!  I feel so … Continue reading

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Easy as Apple Pie

I cannot believe Thanksgiving will be here in less than one week!  I am so excited to see my family- I actually get to see my family for Thanksgiving!  I am excited also to cook and bake with my mom … Continue reading

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Hater Women

So, here’s the thing: I am frustrated with women.  Well, maybe not ALL women, but certain kinds of women.  We all know the type: the catty, dramatic ones with some inborn need to constantly be the center of attention. And, … Continue reading

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An Ode to Chocolate

We’re almost halfway through the month already!!  I have wanted to write several times thus far this month, but having been on call every other day for over a week now, I just simply didn’t have the energy or time! … Continue reading

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Grown-Up Furniture: A Perk for Growing Up

My days have been so full lately!  I come home, and I just drop on my (very cute) couch. Oh!!  I forgot to mention!  In a moment of needing some retail therapy, the hubby and I bought a new loveseat … Continue reading

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Sweet November

So, I can’t help but notice that last month, I had the fewest posts of any month all year.  Last month was a very tough month for my whole family, and what with being in and out of Georgia most … Continue reading

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