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Where has all of April gone?!

It’s already the 27th of April….wait, what?!? April’s gone!  We had exactly 5 rain-free days here in April, not to mention we’re under a tornado watch tonight.  Y’know, if the old adage “April showers bring May flowers” holds true, we’re … Continue reading

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Easter & Coconut Cake

On Easter Sunday, I was post-call, so I didn’t get to go to church.  We do have friends who live not too far away who invited us to their family’s Easter dinner, and we gladly accepted.  It’s so nice to … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day, and I want to make an Earth Day Cake…but, I ended up just making a Coconut Cake for Easter Sunday (since I’m on call tomorrow…boo…).  I’m gonna post about that cake on Sunday, after we taste … Continue reading

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Adjustment & Bouillabasse

I swear, sometimes it feels like I never see Chris anymore!  We are both working these crazy hours, and we’ll see each other for an hour at night (if one of us isn’t on call) before we both crash out.  … Continue reading

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We are Farmers!!!

Yay!!! We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group today!!!  My mom was actually the inspiration- they joined a CSA in Colorado a couple of years ago, and it was this magical thing where they had veggies straight from the … Continue reading

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Which One is the Real Bad Guy: Sugar or Fat?

This month, I am on Endocrinology at work, where I have seen tons of diabetics, Metabolic Syndrome patients (patients with something of a quad-fecta: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes), and obese patients.  I have been absolutely shocked … Continue reading

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Peruvian Chicken & Cuban Rice = Heaven!

These recipes literally will make the top 10 recipes of this SD year!  They are both so flavorful & easy.  There’s quite a bit of prep work in the beginning, but then you stick them in the oven & forget … Continue reading

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I have to play catch up with the blog!!! It’s been such a crazy couple of days- we just got back from our Washington D.C. trip, which was so much fun!  It was actually much colder than we expected (so … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

Finished with the board exam step 3!  No more exams- I’m a fully licensed physician, provided that I passed (fingers crossed- won’t find out for 6-8 weeks!!  The agony!!)!  And I can finally get back to my life (outside of … Continue reading

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“It’s too sweet!”

As long as Chris & I have been together, he has loved salty things and I have loved sweet things.  To a fault, in both of our cases.  He loves french fries to the point of getting pancreatitis (!), and … Continue reading

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