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Poached Eggs

I made poached eggs!  I have to admit, before I set out to make them, I had determined that poaching eggs was, basically, impossible, and I based this “fact” on the movie “Julie & Julia” (which I really love- I … Continue reading

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Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

Time for an intervention.  It’s been a rough day- but not because anything bad happened; I just was in a negative frame of mind.  It was even a sunny day, but I didn’t enjoy it.  To make matters more dramatic, … Continue reading

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Give us this day our daily (Oatmeal) bread…and Short Rib Stew

Ooooh, this bread is my favorite thus far!!  I made an Oatmeal bread, and it is soft & fluffy on the inside & crunchy on the outside.  The flavor is fabulous, a little nutty with the oats, and slightly sweet … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

I am post-call again, and it was another super busy day on call.  After a nap, Chris & I and some friends went to lunch, then snowshoeing, then to a coffee shop, then to the Isle.  It was a busy … Continue reading

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Good News!

I finally have some good news- Chris got an interview this morning at a local hospital for an Internal Medicine residency, and it went really well!!  It’s a 3 year residency, typical for internal medicine.  And since my residency has … Continue reading

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Woof!!! Glad this week’s done!

Wow- what a terrible week!  This has been one of the most challenging weeks we’ve had in over a year- it’s been awful.  Work has been awful- I’ve had to hash, re-hash, and re-hash again the incident with the attending … Continue reading

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Honey Whole Wheat Bread

We made some delicious bread on Sunday- it was adapted from Martha Stewart’s Honey Whole Wheat Bread recipe.  It made the house smell wonderful, and this time my bread rose!!  While it was cooling (but still nice & warm), I … Continue reading

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Match Day

Woof- some Valentine’s Day!  My hubby didn’t match into his program, and I had to go talk to my program director about the incident from Friday.  It’s been a nerve-wracking day.  I picked up chocolate covered grapes for him, and … Continue reading

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Blackberry Muffins (& 6 weeks!)

I tried 2 new delicious recipes this weekend!!  Also, I realized that we’ve made it 6 weeks now!  I forgot I was counting, whoopsy!  I just had to get back in my game for this week, after I’d been so … Continue reading

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The Grandfather Tree

Yesterday was the WORST day- work was awful.  Once I got home, one of my attendings actually called me up on my cell phone to rip me a new one.  The worst thing is, I’m not completely sure I deserved … Continue reading

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