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January: 1 Month Down, 11 Months To Go

What a difference 24 hours makes!  I am post-call; I’ve had a looooong nap, a relaxing yoga workout, shower, and dinner is in the oven!  I’m just so relieved to feel like myself again.  It’s the last day of January, … Continue reading

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On call, again. Woof! Such a busy day, all I had time for was cereal for breakfast!  According to the SD book, high fiber whole grain cereals are the best.  Luckily, we’ve found some good whole wheat cereals!  There’s more … Continue reading

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Blueberry Pancakes!

We made Blueberry Pancakes this morning for breakfast, and they were awesome!  They were thick, fluffy, and bursting with blueberries!  Chris actually hates pancakes, with a few important exceptions (The Dorstop and Deluca’s, both located in Pittsburgh).  But he loved … Continue reading

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4 Weeks- A Mollydooker

We’ve made it 4 weeks on the SD!  We’ve made it through the SD book, and we are about to start making some recipes from the SD Cookbook!  And I think I am going to try making up some of … Continue reading

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Yoga and Yogurt

Oh, today is one of those crazy days.  I am on call {again}.  Although, having completed my workouts in the AM all week has proved to be worth it and helped with some very stressful situations!  This morning, I did … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

It’s winter.  Officially.  Feet of snow, freezing temps, and we have months to go before Spring arrives and melts the dreariness away.  So, what better time to plan a vacation?  Spring break!  I have my Step 3 (out of 3) … Continue reading

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Delicious Weelicious Oats!

I don’t usually talk about my patients, but just some general thoughts: 1. In medical school, we were taught the word “physician” means to teach [the patient about his/her own physiology].  Sometimes, however, the patients teach me!  Today, I was … Continue reading

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Stuffed Artichokes & Pie

It’s Monday…and I had a really great day!  I really think it’s because I got up early & worked out this morning- nothing was especially easy or different today; I just felt ready to conquer.  My weekly goal is to … Continue reading

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Playing Catch Up

Whew, what a weekend!  We went away to Pittsburgh for a wedding on Saturday, and I didn’t have internet where we stayed, so no posting yesterday.  But I have lots to tell!!  First, the wedding.  It was beautiful!!  They did … Continue reading

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3 Weeks- Day 21

We made it 3 weeks on the SD as of today- when did that happen???  We went grocery shopping today, and discovered we were picking up our new “regular” items, like sprouted wheat bread, Kashi crackers & cereals, 3 different … Continue reading

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